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View How to prevent manual journal posting to control accounts in Oracle GL

Category:How to

1. Introduction

In Oracle, it is possible to post manual journals to control accounts which control the flow of accounting transactions from sub-ledgers. This can often cause a problem when trying to reconcile General Ledger accounting entries with Sub Ledgers. This article documents a possible solution to the requirement to restrict manual essay writing entry of journals to control accounts in the General Ledger.

2. Solution

Create a checking device that will prevent a manual journal from being raised against a control account, unless the user is authorised. Different users / responsibilities may be authorised to access different control accounts.

3. Detailed Solution Setup

When an unauthorised user enters a pre-defined ‘Control’ account value in the Journal Entry line, the context sensitive Descriptive Flexfield (DFF) will activate. It will replicate the ‘Control’ account value into the DFF field. The default value will initially be valid, but the list of values, which is secured, will not contain any authorised value. As a result the field is automatically cleared. The DFF is hidden and so the user is unable to use or enter any value directly . However the DFF is a required field and so the user cannot commit the journal line until the account segment value is changed to a non-control account. When this happens the context sensitive DFF does not open, and the mandatory nature of the DFF does not operate.

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