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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Scobleizer gives OracleAppsBlog the nod

Finally, the much needed attention I crave 😊 In a post entitled OracleApps blogger coming to UK geek dinner, has fun poll Scoble said this blog is cool and voted NO in my poll to determine whether he should be elected president of the Blogosphere. Results are looking good for Rob so far 25 Yes votes (56%) and 20 No votes (44%) - very close!!

I was wondering why such a high profile blogger is using Radio Userland for his blogging software as opposed to other more widely used products like MoveableType, Wordpress or ExpressionEngine (EE) so I posed the question to Rob who subsequently replied “I used to be director of marketing for UserLand and still like Radio UserLand a lot. I just haven’t found enough of a reason to switch yet.”

I noticed that Adam Curry had mentioned on one of his sites he was intending to upgrade to Userland’s Manila and e-mailed him to ask if he was now using this software as I couldn’t see from his existing site exactly what he was using. I was really impressed to get such a fast response from such a busy man, which was:

Yes, using manila, which now supports enclosures in news items for podcasts, that’s the upgrade 😊

Pretty good stuff, but not very scalable, basically it needs to be rendered statically to be of any use, which breaks most of the cool features like macros :long:

If you’re interested in finding out what the best blogging software to use is you should try read this Blogware Choice post and analyse this associated comparison table. François Nonnenmacher’s site also has a good comparison of EE and Moveable Type. There’s a lot of blogging software out there and the most important thing is to use the software that supports your strategy whatever it may be. No use buying a Rolls Royce when you only need a Mini. I bought ExpressionEngine primarly because it was a good solution for a community oriented blog and I found it much easier to install and setup than MoveableType. The support by the EE community and pmachine has also been great.

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