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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Oracle Blogs at OpenWorld San Fransisco

OpenWorld San Fransisco has just come to an end and I must say I am sad that I wasn’t able to attend. However, the Oracle online offering made up for it - this post highlights the key features of the site.

I thought the Oracle OpenWorld Online site featuring what was happening at this years conference in San Fransisco was particularly good. Although I missed the conference I felt like I was there since I was able to get updates every day in a variety of media formats as highlighted below: -

I had a 2 hour train trip from Hengelo to Schipol today so I downloaded some of the keynotes last night and watched them on the journey - it helped ease the boredom. What I thought was particularly good development for the blogging community was the Blogging Center

where there were contributions from a number of well known Oracle Bloggers as follows: -

I enjoyed reading all the contributions but in particular though Mark Rittman’s effort was really good.