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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Oracle Apps Blog ranked in Top British Blogs

I noticed a couple of inbound links coming from the Top Blogs listing on the British Bloggers Directory. To my surprise I’m listed as number 12 – I’ve taken a screen shot of it as I’m not sure I’ll be there for long. There’s probably a lot of other Oracle and British Blogs that get more traffic than I do but apparently the ranking is based on your Technorati rating and mine is sitting at 53,391 at the moment.

Sitting in the top 10:

1. Girl with a one-track mind.
2. - Take your Medicine
3. little red boat
4. A Welsh View
5. Philobiblon
6. Iain Dale’s Diary
8. Pepys’ Diary
9. Europhobia
10. ShaolinTiger - Kung-fu Geekery

A couple of other sites I recognise, having met the authors at various events in the UK:

Perfect Path – Lloyd Davis
A PR Guru’s Musings – Stuart Bruce
NevOn – Neville Hobson

Update at 27th Feb 2005

Obviously the bit of blogging I did over the weekend improved my rankings, I’m now sitting at number 5.