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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Oracle ACE program

Congratulations to Mark Rittman, who’s just blogged that he’s been awarded the “Oracle Magazine Editor’s Choice” award for “Oracle ACE of the Year 2005”, and has just taken part in an interview that’ll appear in Oracle Magazine in Nov/Dec 2005.

What’s an Oracle ACE?

According to the Oracle ACE site:

To foster the growing community network that is a fixture of the Oracle “ecosystem,” Oracle has launched the Oracle ACE program, which formally recognizes Oracle advocates with strong credentials as “activists” in that network.

Oracle ACEs are technically proficient and eager to share their experience, whether through writing books, articles, or blogs, speaking at events, participating in OTN Discussion Forums, or simply serving as Oracle advocates in their respective organizations. Candidates are nominated by either existing Oracle ACEs or Oracle product management on an ongoing basis and ratified by a nomination committee.

I think this program is a great way to encourage individuals to promote your organization and associated products. You’ll notice when reading through the Oracle ACE profile’s that some of the ACE’s have their own blogs and most of the individuals mentioned have written thousands of posts on the OTN forums.

Mark’s blog covers the more technical aspects of Oracle and inspired me to create a blog that was more applications orientated. Looking forward to a meet up of all the Oracle bloggers at the UKOUG conference.

I’m really interested to see who the other winners are in the Oracle Magazine Editor’s Choice awards for 2005 and will update the blog when I find out.