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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Implementing a major re-organization

This post contains information about guidelines for implementing a major re-organization.

I found this presentation on the New England Oracle Applications User Group site. The presentation was prepared by Kiran Mundy for OAUG spring 2004 conference.The abstract of the presentation reads “A Company Reorganization changed our company structure from a simple geographical hierarchy to a matrix organization where service organizations were organized by technical specialty and the client sector organizations were organized by Customer Category. Projects would be owned by the Client Sector Orgs and employees by the service orgs. Management needed to be able to view division P&L’s by either the service or Client Sector organization. This paper describes our solution and how we implemented the re-org in 3 months at year-end” I had a look at the presentation and thought that it might be useful for anyone implementing a major change in the organization structure.