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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Geek Dinner in London with Robert Scoble (blogosphere President?)

I’ll be attending the Geek Dinner in London on the 7th of June 2005 which will be hosted by Hugh Macleod and Robert Scoble (Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger).

If you’re interested in attending add your name to the attendance list put up by Lloyd Davis on this wiki. The existing list shows that there’s people coming from as far as Paris and Amsterdam!! The restaurant where this will be held is the Texas Embassy Cantina and you can find out it’s location using Google Maps. I don’t know why this restaurant was chosen as I read this review which doesn’t have good things to say about the place. If you’re interested in looking at what’s gone on historically at Geek Dinner’s then check out these flickr and technorati links. I’ve also added a variety of geek dinner links to so that they can easily be copied.

In a post entitled If the blogosphere were a nation Paul Chaney nominated Robert Scoble for blogosphere President. In the interests of democracy I’ve decided to run a poll at the end of this post to get some votes on the matter.

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