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Monday, May 09, 2005

furl and linking and tagging strategy for this Oracle Blog

I’ve recently moved all my links to the Social Bookmark Manager site and furl. This will enable me to manage the links more efficiently as well as share and categorise/tag them for use by readers and subscribers.

The nice thing about is that it generates an RSS feed for your links or for various tags so you can get updates on the latest links added. If you open up an account with you can easily gain access to my links and copy them as well as copy the links of other people who have used the same links or make use of the same tags/categories.

From today onwards all sites that I make reference to in my posts will be added to my page and will have links back to the relevant post on my site so I would encourage you to subscribe to my RSS feed (I’ve also added this to feed to my sidebar under my RSS feed listing). I will also be replicating my links to furl on a monthly basis so you can also subscribe to my RSS feed there.

You may also have noticed that I’ve been adding technorati tags at the bottom of my posts. This enables me to more effectively categorise my posts so that they can be searched from technorati using the various tags/keywords. At the moment I’m manually adding the tags in but very shortly I will be installing the ExpressionEngine Keywords plugin which will allow me to automate the process a whole lot more. Hopefully these changes will make for a richer blogging experience for readers and allow people to find the content they want quicker.

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