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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

ERP implementation - Critical Success Factors

I discovered a good blog the other day entitled In Search of Business Value & ROI: Achieving IT Benefits Realization

The blog provides discussion and insights on how to realize measurable IT business benefits and ROI. Topics include performance measurement, process improvement, organizational change management, vendor selection, and project planning for large IT or ERP projects

It’s authored by Eric Kimberling whose bio looks as follows:

Eric Kimberling has over 10 years of experience devoted to the field of IT Benefits Realization, including performance measurement, process improvement, and organizational change management. He is the President and founder of Panorama Consulting Group LLC, a US-based company that provides IT and ERP Benefits Realization consulting to international companies. Panorama Consulting Group also helps clients with ERP vendor selection, project planning, merger integration, third-party quality assurance, and strategy alignment.

Some recent posts from the Blog:

In particular I wanted to highlight the post on How to Increase ERP Success. It provides these 7 points:

  1. Focus on business processes and requirements first
  2. Focus on achieving a healthy ERP ROI (Return on Investment), including post-implementation performance measurement
  3. Strong project management and resource commitment
  4. Commitment from company executives
  5. Take time to plan up front
  6. Ensure adequate training and change management
  7. Make sure you understand why you’re implementing ERP

All good tips. To make it even simpler I believe that successful ERP implementation is achieved when the people, processes and technology work in harmony to achieve the goals of the organisation.

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