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Update to Oracle’s Project Management Methodology (AIM3.1) released

I just learnt from one of the readers that a new release of AIM, Oracle’s project management methodology, has been released. You can download AIM3.1 from the AIM Foundation page if you are a member of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) i.e. you will need to be log in to access the page and once you’ve downloaded the zip file you will need to e-mail Oracle (at the address specified on the AIM foundation page) for the password to open the file. There’s nothing much to this new release though, it’s pretty much an updated front end or GUI which has support for the newer versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. Enjoy

Posted by Richard Byrom on 07/12 at 04:49 AM
  1. I have downloaded and installed AIM 3.1 and I like the look of it.  However, the vast number of BR.100 documents (one per Application) now seems to have been reduced to one generic document with one blank sample page.  I have emailed Oracle asking if the individual documents are available or if we have to go back to AIM 3.0 to get them.

    I don’t know how other AIM users feel, but to me this is a retrograde step.  In addition to deciding what parameters to use, I have to consider how to present that information clearly and concisely in the BR100.


    Posted by David K. Dickson  on  10/11  at  07:21 PM
  2. David, you might want to read this post which tells you how to get updated BR100’s

    Posted by Richard Byrom  on  10/15  at  07:44 AM
  3. Richard,

    Thanks, but I had been to that page earlier in the day and had not found the “updates”.  I took note of your comment that you must be signed on to OPN and revisited the page, and made sure that in the top right hand corner it said “Welcome David (Sign Out, Account)”.  I looked up and down the page and followed every link that I could find, including:
    AIM FAQ (PDF, 72 KB)
    AIM Release Notes
    AIM Advantage V3.1 (WIN2000/XP/NT/OFFICE2K)
    but I couldn’t find anything about updates.

    Have I missed something, have they moved the updates elsewhere or are they hidden in the executable?  The page warns that the main AIM_3.1.0.EXE file is encrypted and needs a password, but I was able to run it without a password.

    Do you have a contact within Oracle that I could approach for help?



    P.S. I work for CSC, who ARE Oracle Partners
    P.P.S. If you start AIM 3.1 and click on “About” and scroll down to the Contributor List, you will find my name.  It was only a very minor contribution, though.

    Posted by David K. Dickson  on  10/16  at  06:01 PM

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