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Some interesting IT, ERP and Oracle Job Sites

Over the last two weeks I’ve come across a variety of interesting job sites which I wanted to specifically highlight to readers. It seems that more job sites are getting in to the blogging thing as well as providing RSS support. The concept of job sites having RSS support appeals to me since it means that I can find out about the latest jobs without have to wade through tonnes of e-mail subscriptions.

Firstly, I wanted to point out that Jobserve now has RSS support for job searches. Monster, another really large job site now has a blog as well as an RSS feed available on their Career advice site. Jobster also has a blog here.

IT Jobs Watch is another interesting site I came across that gives you a good indication of earnings in the UK IT Sector. According to the site:

ITJobsWatch offers you a unique perspective on today’s UK IT jobs market. Our aim is to present you with a concise and accurate map of the prevailing IT jobs market conditions. Our goals include helping you:

  • Determine the level of demand for particular IT skills with a guide to the average salary and contractor rates offered.
  • Discover how various IT skills interrelate.
  • Determine which IT skills are popular in specific locations.
  • Determine the level of demand for a certain IT skills required by specific IT Job Titles. is a job site which has a forum mainly consisting of SAP job vacancies and advertisements. is an open database where you can share interview questions. They have 102 questions for Oracle Apps. Also of note is the site which has a number of tutorials for Oracle Applications 11i. To mention a few:

From an Oracle perspective you should check out the official Oracle Jobs site as well as this OracleJobSite which has an array of RSS feeds you can subscribe to.

Once again, I wanted to point out that I’m frequently updating my job site listing with new sites I come across such as the ones mentioned above, hence I recommend you subscribe to the OracleAppsBlog jobs RSS feed. You’ll also find a listing of Job sites in the Jobs folder of the OracleAppsBlog Blogroll. If you want to see a job site with an interesting and sometime humorous twist, check out Simply Fired.

Anyone know of any other job sites that have RSS feeds?

Posted by Richard Byrom on 08/09 at 06:23 PM
  1. Thought you might be interested in a couple more sites we operate. - Global site for SAP professionals - Global site for Microsoft Dyamics (Axapta, Navision, Great Plains) - Global Site for Oracle Professionals (includes PeopleSoft and JDE)

    You can get Jobs and Resumes via RSS on all these sites.

    Posted by Troy Roennfeldt  on  06/21  at  05:48 PM
  2. If you want to find IT jobs in the UK you can search here: IT jobs

    Posted by Job Centre  on  02/21  at  04:05 AM
  3. A new international it job site was launched with some interesting features for the IT comunity, such as diving the IT into domains and skills, that can be used on both candidate CVs as well as job offers. These common skills for each sector of the IT can be used to quickly match candidates with jobs they are qualified for. You can check it out here: IT Job Hunt

    Posted by pitagora  on  11/13  at  06:01 AM

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