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Rating a post on this blog

For each post on this blog I’ve now added the ability to give a rating. This service is provided by Newsgator and you will need a Newsgator Online account to cast your vote.

At the bottom of each post you will notice 5 grey stars. Rate a post by clicking on the appropriate star, 1 star means poor whilst 5 is excellent. If you don’t have a Newsgator Account you will be given the option to sign up for one.

If you’re interested in how to include such a rating system on your blog, read Tools for Blogging. More information on using Newsgator ratings can be found on Greg Reinacker’s blog, here and here

Although I’ve given the ability to rate any post, not all posts need to be rated. A case in point is this post, it’s merely an update on a feature I’ve added to the blog so it’s not really worthwhile rating it. I’ll leave it up to individual readers to determine if a blog post needs to be rated or not. As always, I appreciate your feedback and comments on this feature. I hope to use the feedback given in the ratings to help improve the quality of the content that is being delivered.

Posted by Richard Byrom on 06/22 at 08:40 PM

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