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Oracle Web Conference (OWC) replaces Oracle Direct Connect (ODC) 

A couple of weeks ago I had to use Oracle Web Conference (OWC) to resolve a Severity Level 1 Technical Assistance Request (TAR). This post discusses this new feature Oracle is offering for Collaborative Support.

My first reaction when asked by Oracle Support if we could have an OWC session to help resolve a TAR was mmm…..they must have made a spelling mistake. I’ve used ODC (Oracle Direct Connect) to resolve TAR’s for the past couple of year’s and I soon found out that it has now been replaced by Oracle Web Conference (OWC) which is run from Oracle Collaboration Suite. I have to say that I was really impressed by this product and will try in the next few sentences and pictures to give you an idea of how it works and what it looks like. The Metalink Note 274430.1 entitled How to use OWC as a customer contains instructions on how to use OWC and states: -

Oracle Web Conference (OWC) is the next generation of collaborative support that allows us to engage in a one on one system relationship with dual party control of your system using the Internet. This allows the Support Engineer to observe your issue first hand within your specific environment. OWC works on the same principles as Oracle Direct Connect(ODC) but gives us a greater range of possibilities.

Typically, to use OWC you will be given a conference ID and login information by Oracle Support. After accessing Metalink and then clicking on the Oracle Collaborative Support picture you will be presented with a screen as illustrated below which will allow you to start your conferencing session.

Resolve problems online with Oracle Web Conferencing (OWC)

The Oracle Web Conferencing (OWC) Welcome Screen

In your conference with Oracle Support they will most likely run through your problem on screen with you and via the phone. After logging out you can then access a recording of the conference via the archive as displayed in the screen shot below. I thought it was quite cool that you can download a copy of the conference session afterwards 😊

The Oracle Web Conferencing (OWC) Archive Screen

Download your Oracle Support conference sessions using the archive

Posted by Richard Byrom on 09/22 at 08:46 AM

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