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Oracle E-Business Suite R11.5.10 (11i.10)

This post contains a short description of what is expected to be released in the next version of Oracle Applications and speculates as to when it might be released.

The Oracle Applications community eagerly awaits the release of 11i10 which was rumoured to be scheduled for release in June 2004. However, it now looks more likely that it will be released closer to November 2004. Don’t expect any official confirmation from Oracle though, I’ve looked for release information on their site and there’s hardly any. Apparently this new release will have dozens of new functions for industries such as manufacturing, health care, aerospace and utilities. It will also include support for transportation planning and transactions based on radio frequency identification tags in manufacturing.

The Fall 2004 Issue of the OAUG Insight Magazine has a short article by John Wookey (Senior Vice President, Applications Development, Oracle) entitled “Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 Powers Revenue Driven Enterprise: New release builds on Oracle Applications foundation to propel higher revenues”. In the article, John talks about how organizations have for several years been focusing on controlling costs and argues that improving economic indicators have now shifted attention towards revenue growth. He states that in 11.5.10, Oracle has oriented their CRM applications capabilities to measurements that reveal what drives revenue and profitability. This helps companies create an information based selling environment with clear visibility into the sales process. The intention of this new release is to create a solution for E-Business Suite Customers that clears the way to building a revenue driven infrastructure, something that is essential for an organizations success.

I would be interested in receiving comments from any readers who have additional information on this release.

Posted by Richard Byrom on 08/11 at 01:04 AM
  1. Hi Richard (I like this first name. It is the same in both French and English!)

    There’s a recent feature on 11.5.10 in, read it here.

    I particularly like where it talks about what I consider to be a weakness in Accounts Payable: “Some simple, but much-wanted enhancements such as supplier bank detail masking for security, are finally on their way”.

    Plus, yesterday, on a post on my blog, I gave 2 links where there are some presentations on 11.5.10.



    Posted by Gilbert "The Flying French Canadian " Leblanc  on  08/11  at  03:47 AM
  2. One of the other new features of 11.5.10 is that there will finally be an interface for importing supplier information. This is a huge bonus for anyone integrating Oracle Financials with a third-party purchasing system.

    Apparently suppliers will be integrated into the Trading Community Architecture as well. I hope this will be done without making the data structure into the mess we have in Receivables for customers.

    Other forthcoming features will be XML Publisher which will make making multiformat reports simple. Apparently one will now be able to make the same report available as web-page, a Word document (well .rtf to be completely accurate) or a PDF. An example could be an invoice that can either be an electronic invoice for using in electronic billing or to be printed.

    We will also finally get the necessary components for customizing self-service web applications in JDeveloper. Hopefully we will get some documentation on how to do this as well.

    The first incarnation of Enterprise Planning Budgeting (EPB) will be part of 11.5.10 too. From what I’ve heard it is mainly the analysis features that will be in there to start with.

    I am not sure when it will be released though. It might slip all the way to next year. I was at the OAUG/EOUG conference outside Paris earlier this year and it seemed that Oracle was intent on not releasing it until it is done this time.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  08/11  at  09:38 PM

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