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Oracle e-Business Suite Online Documentation Library Release 12

Following the recent release of the Oracle EBS 12i media packs, Oracle has now released the full documentation pack for download. You can download the entire documentation CD (only 408.08MB this time) or the individual documents as illustrated below. A lot more posts will be coming up on R12 in the next few days, keep an eye on my R12 links to see what’s on my radar screen.

Oracle Release 12i Documentation Library

Posted by Richard Byrom on 01/26 at 08:18 PM
  1. CAn you recommend a book to get in touch with Oracle? Reading docs seems too complicated…

    Posted by Article Writer  on  02/15  at  12:35 AM
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    Posted by John Hugo  on  06/01  at  12:50 AM
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    Posted by John Hugo  on  06/01  at  12:50 AM
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