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Oracle AIM - 11i updates and add-ins

A while back I discovered a number of useful updates to Oracle’s Application Implementation Methodology (AIM) thanks to Jo Davis  – I’ve only had a chance to blog about it now. The existing version of AIM is 3.0 and I’ve posted before about where to download it. This post will describe how to download the updates and will also outline what exactly’s in the updates.

Before I discuss the various updates and add-ins that are available I would like to outline how you can get Oracle AIM working in Firefox. Personally, I still haven’t managed to get AIM working in XP using Explorer as the browser so I’ve opted to use a workaround by accessing it via the Firefox brower. Once you have performed the Oracle AIM install simply enter the text file:///C:/Method/OM30/AIM30/omstart.html into your Firefox browser and AIM should begin. I’ve noticed that it does take a while to actually start up but once it does it works fine. If you still can’t get the AIM Graphical User Interface (GUI) to start up you can directly access the AIM templates from the following directory if you have accepted the default location on installation C:\Method\OM30\AIM30\AIM30FND.

The updates for AIM are available here. Please note that in order for this URL to work you must be logged in to your OTN account and in your account details you must specify your OPN (Oracle Partner Network) number. In other words you can only access this URL if you are an Oracle Partner. At the URL just mentioned you will find a list of AIM add-ins and links to where you can download them. There is also a spreadsheet which outlines for each add-in which documents are now provided. Essentially, these add-ins provide you with updated BR100 documents which enable you to document the Application Setup for various modules.

The following add-ins are now provided for AIM:

  1. AIM Foundation V3.0 R11i Add-In (Release 1) – BR100 documents for Advanced Planning & Scheduling, Financials, Human Resources, Internet Procurement, Mfg./Supply Chain Management, Professional Services Automation, Projects and Treasury Management. Installs to the following directory  – C:\Method\OM30\AIM30\Aim3r11i
  2. AIM Foundation V3.0 R11i Add-In (Release 2) – BR100 documents for Business Intelligence, E-Commerce, Self Service HR, Interaction Center, Marketing, Order Management, Sales and Service. Installs to the following directory – C:\Method\OM30\AIM30\AimR11i2
  3. AIM Foundation V3.0 R11i Add-In (Release 3) – BR100 documents for Advanced Planning & Scheduling, Human Resources, Internet Procurement, Professional Services Automation, Sales and Treasury Management. Installs to the following directory – C:\Method\OM30\AIM30\AIMR11i3
  4. AIM Foundation V3.0 R11i Add-In (Release 4) – BR100 documents for Business Intelligence, i-Procurement, Mfg./Supply Chain Management and Service. Installs to the following directory  – C:\Method\OM30\AIM30\AIMR11i4.

To install the add-ins you must first have successully installed Oracle AIM. Then, download the add-ins to any location on your drive and unzip the files to reveal the OMA files. Double click the OMA files to install them. They will extract and when successfully extracted you should then be able to enable them by choosing the Add-ins link at the bottom part of the AIM GUI/front-end.

If you have any issues please add your comments.

Posted by Richard Byrom on 08/03 at 01:05 AM
  1. My personal experience is that your OTN id and password will not provide access through the URL you’ve provided…in fact, I tried again upon reading your post.  No luck.

    My understanding is that access to the AIM updates is limited to members of Oracle’s PartnerNetwork Program with a minimum classification of Certified Partner.

    I’m hoping that you might know something I don’t.  If so, please share..I’d really like to obtain the latest AIM updates.

    Posted by Floyd Teter  on  08/04  at  12:36 AM
  2. You know, despite the problem (or, at least, my problem) with the URL, I must tell you how much I appreciate this blog.  Although I see a great deal of Oracle info on the web, quality information on the E-Business Suite seems very rare.  Your willingness to share is greatly appreciated by many of us…keep up the great work!  If you get to OpenWorld in San Francisco this Sept., let me buy you a dinner as a show of appreciation…

    Posted by Floyd Teter  on  08/05  at  06:09 AM
  3. Floyd I’ve noticed that problem with the URL and will update the post accordingly. Sadly, I won’t be at OpenWorld, I coudn’t get my hands on a comp ticket this time. Next time I’m going to advertise my desire for a ticket on the blog, maybe that way I’ll be able to pick up a freeby.

    Posted by Richard Byrom  on  08/06  at  01:10 AM
  4. Hard to believe that, with all the good work you’re doing here, Oracle couldn’t come up with a comp ticket for you…seems like they’re missing a good opportunity for some free buzz.  I’ll be sure to raise that point with some of the Oracle marketing folks I know.  May not do you much good this year, but we can start laying pipe for OpenWorld 2006.

    Posted by Floyd Teter  on  08/08  at  09:20 PM
  5. Richard, keep up the good work.  It may be of interest to you,that the AIM has been updated to version 3.1, and is available at the OPN website noted under implementation, with a lot of instructions and a fact sheet. It should no longer be a problem with the IE versions 6.x and above.Others may not need to apply the patches if this is downloaded:-)

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  07/09  at  08:26 PM
  6. you must specify your OPN (Oracle Partner Network) number- now richard many does have OPN number can you suggust me any other alternative as every that worth in is restricted to OPN

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  10/29  at  01:10 PM
  7. Download v3.0 here and see if you can get it working according to this post, this will not require OPN access

    Posted by Richard Byrom  on  01/31  at  05:23 AM

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