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Official Oracle Blogs site goes live

It looks like the official Oracle Blogs site has just gone live. I’ve noticed a lot of inbound links coming from the site yesterday.

At this point in time the site pretty much consists of a list of links to Oracle Blogs. Hopefully there’ll be some further development and we’ll see more contributions from Oracle Executives and employees. You can see some of Brian Duff’s comments on this new development here.

Posted by Richard Byrom on 02/09 at 12:32 PM
  1. Where Are You, All Application Bloggers?

    I want to congratulate Richard on his OracleAppsBlog. The site looks great! It seems to be the first and only blog dedicated to Oracle Applications. There is so much to write about (and so little time to write it) when it comes to Oracle Applications.

    I wanted to point out creation of a new blog, which takes a slightly different approach to blogging about the applications. I try to look at the applications through the eyes of hands-on users and consultants, and write about what they say. Check it out!

    I hope over time, there will be a network of applications blogs, just like is one maintained by DBAs.

    Marian Crkon

    Posted by Marian Crkon  on  02/21  at  04:43 AM

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