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Mini MRP - Free BOM, Inventory Management and Stock Control Software

Noticed the MiniMRP site showing up in in my Google Ads, you might want to try out this software if you’re looking for a lightweight solution for Bill of Materials, Inventory Management and Stock Control.

According to the site:

miniMRP 2.1 for Windows 95/98/Me/2000 & XP is a new, easy to use inventory manager with some additional features usually only found in larger ERP/MRP systems. If you need more than a basic inventory system but don’t want the bother and associated running costs of an oversized ERP/MRP system then there’s a good chance that miniMrp 2.1 is all the software you’re looking for.

miniMRP may look like a small package but that’s because it doesn’t waste space on rarely used features that nobody uses anyway. Why maintain an overweight, over-complex ERP/MRP system when all you really want is something that will manage an unlimited number of inventory items and when required, build, manage and cost single and multilevel parts lists and Bill of Material of almost any number of levels or complexity.

Would be interested to see comments from anyone that’s used this product.

Posted by Richard Byrom on 05/12 at 03:03 AM
  1. I’m not sure about that software but I have tried the Inventory Control Software - AMICS from Infotech Systems. This software is amazing.  It works as a stand alone inventory control software, but we also use the Puchase Order, Sales Order, Work Order and the Shop Floor Modules to track our invetory through the entire process and we are able to use wireless barcode readers that allow us to update all of our inventory in real time.  I would highly suggest this software to anyone Looking for a Inventory Control Solution.

    Posted by John Kmiec  on  07/20  at  08:57 PM
  2. Hi, I’m Ian, Tech Support Manager at

    Richard Byrom, the person who started this thread, asked for comments from users of miniMrp - Can I suggest anyone interested takes a look at the active support forum on the website. This will give you an idea of how we work with our users to continue improving this great little product. At just $190USD it really does do Parts List, MultiLevel Bill of Materials, Materials allocations and shortage forecasting.

    OK, this is begining to sound like an Advert. Sorry. But go on, take a look at the fully functional free trial.

    Posted by Ian Sanderson  on  09/24  at  11:22 PM

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