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JD Edwards Blog by Andy Klee at ITtoolbox

There’s a new JD Edwards blog at ITtoolbox called What’s Hot & What’s Not with JD Edwards. Looks like it’s going to have some good content.

The About section of the Blog says:

Welcome to my blog for the JD Edwards community. I’ve been a JD Edwards consultant for the past 16 years, and in the last 5 years I’ve headed up Klee Associates, Inc, providing consulting and training services for JD Edwards, Oracle, and SAP clients. Reading this blog will keep you up to date on the important (and no so important) happenings at Oracle, the current custodians of the JD Edwards product line.

The Author Bio reads as follows:

As President of Klee Associates, Andy leads one of the premier independent JD Edwards consulting firms in North America. He considers himself very fortunate to have been able to attract some of the best people in the business to the Klee team. He is totally committed to differentiating Klee Associates from the teaming masses of consulting firms roaming the ERP landscape.

He started with JD Edwards in 1989 and has been involved in training, consulting, and project management for over 16 years. He was one of the first consultants to implement the Energy and Chemical Suite. He also has over 10 years experience with Advanced Pricing, dating back to before the first release on A7.1.

Andy developed the concept of Mastery Workshops for the install base in 2001, and is busy creating more value-add services for both new clients, and the install base. In late 2002, Andy made a decision to start SAPtips, and OraTips was rolled out in mid 2005.

Andy moved to the Western Slope of Colorado in 1999 after living 22 years in Denver.

Andy’s first post is entitled Blog 1 - What’s Up (or Down) With Fusion? and makes this interesting statement:

Gazing into my crystal ball, I predict that by 2008, Oracle will release Fusion Financials. That will allow them to claim victory, but still leave most of us wondering when there will be enough rationale to make the move. The whole thing will be done by 2014, forcing Oracle to extend the 2013 deadline for support for World and EnterpriseOne to 2016.

I like what Andy has done here and I’m sure it will educate people as to what’s going on in Project Fusion. Recommend you add the ITtoolbox Popular Blogs and New Blogs RSS feeds to your feed reader.

Posted by Richard Byrom on 08/24 at 07:46 PM
  1. We have a variety of JD Edwards and SAP Positions available in a number of locations around the country.  Please feel free to give us a ring to learn more.  212-477-8306 ext.28.  Ask for Dave.

    Posted by David Margolis  on  12/17  at  04:26 AM

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