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Blogging is good for your health - now I have an excuse!

This article by two doctors provides some pretty good reasoning as to why blogging is good for you - now I know why I always feel on top of the world 😊

Check out this article entitled “Brain of a Blogger” from two doctors, Fernette Eide M.D. and Brock Eide M.D. M.A. of Eide Neurolearning Blog (is this blog different or what? - check out all the brain scans!). It lists the following 5 reasons as to why blogging is good for your health: -

  1. Blogs can promote critical and analytical thinking.
  2. Blogging can be a powerful promoter of creative, intuitive, and associational thinking.
  3. Blogs promote analogical thinking.
  4. Blogging is a powerful medium for increasing access and exposure to quality information.
  5. Blogging combines the best of solitary reflection and social interaction.

Sounds like it’s good for your mental health but how about your physical well being or is that directly co-related to your mental health? Can’t see how sitting in a chair for 16hrs a day staring at a monitor can be good for you, but perhaps the positives outweigh the negatives? Anything that justifies my Oracle and other blogging activities sounds good, so in line with that I’ve decided to post several blogs that have been waiting in the queue of ideas I have listed to post on. More power to bloggers and blogging and don’t forget of course, Oracle Apps!!

Posted by Richard Byrom on 03/04 at 10:14 AM

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