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Blog Links - Oracle vs SAP, Open Source, XBRL, Change Management and Blackberry ERP

More news on the Oracle versus SAP battle. Some thoughts on Open Source and news on Compiere. A few notes on change management in ERP and a story on Blackberry’s ERP move. Also looks like the UK is moving towards businesses filing their tax reports in XBRL.


Posted by Richard Byrom on 03/25 at 03:11 PM
  1. In Oracle R11.5.10, XBRL has been supported by XBRL publihser, XBRL Publisher is a module in XML Publisher which parses the XBRL taxonomies,
    extracts XML schema from Oracle Reports RDFs and XML Publisher data templates,defines mapping between taxonomy elements and elements in XML-output reports and at last generate XBRL report concurrents to create XBRL instances. Below is the patch link on Metalink.,P_SRCHTXT:8,5745329

    Posted by Robin  on  06/25  at  09:31 PM
  2. XBRL publisher Patch# 5745329

    Posted by Robin  on  06/25  at  09:37 PM

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