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Oracle Appsnet gets a face lift

This post discusses the new look and design of the Oracle Appsnet web site.

Recently Oracle Appsnet updated their site to give it a more consistent look and feel with their main Oracle Site as well as better integration with the Oracle Technology Network site. The site now looks as illustrated in Fig. 1

Figure 1: The new look of Oracle Appsnet

Click on this image to see an enlarged picture of the new Oracle Appsnet Web Site

I’m sure that in the long run this site will be just as good as it’s former self but I have to say that as of now it’s rather frustrating to use and I don’t believe that Oracle did a particularly good job of the migration. I’m not sure what their web development standards are but typically when you remove an old page from a site you should create a redirect to the new page that has replaced it. I’ve noticed that a lot of the links I had to this site are now broken. Please bear with me whilst I update the links - I may in some instances have to wait for Oracle to create the new page where that information is now stored as I’ve noticed that in some instances certain pages have been removed completely and have yet to be replaced by new pages.

Posted by Richard Byrom on 08/18 at 01:19 AM

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