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Oracle HRMS localizations

I’m often asked which localizations exist for Oracle HRMS. This is not an easy one since it depends on who owns and supports the legislation. Owners can be:

  • Oracle development
  • Oracle consultancy (in the country of the legislation)
  • a third party

This list summarizes the legislations owned by Oracle core development, the so called Tier 1 localizations. The legislations marked with (new) are new since HRMS family pack H. The countries marked with (soon) are in the pipeline. The latest three only have HR legislation, all others have also a payroll localization.

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. China
  4. France
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Hungary (new)
  7. India (new)
  8. Ireland
  9. Japan
  10. Korea, Republic of
  11. Kuwait (soon)
  12. Mexico
  13. Netherlands
  14. New Zealand
  15. Poland (soon)
  16. Saudi Arabia
  17. Singapore
  18. South Africa
  19. Spain (new)
  20. United Kingdom
  21. United States
  22. Belgium (HR only)
  23. Germany (HR only)
  24. Italy (HR only)

If there is legislation for your country not mentioned in the list above, please let me know and I will include it.

Posted by Thierry Vergult on 08/11 at 04:31 PM
  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the information on the localizations available. I was wondering if there are any localizations for Jordan and Egypt? If there is no localization available, how do we proceed further for implementation?

    Appreciating your earliest reply.

    Durga Prasad

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/16  at  04:31 PM
  2. There are no seeded localisations for Jordan and Egypt. Maybe you can contact Oracle consulting over there to see if they have something on the shelf.

    Or you have to do it yourself, based on the ZZ legislation.

    good luck,

    Posted by thierry  on  11/23  at  05:41 PM

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