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An API for Element types

A new set of Oracle HRMS API’s has been published since HRMS Family Pack E which includes an API for element types and input values.

One of the consequences is that there is now a supported way to migrate the element types from a development environment to the production instance, aside from manually rekeying the elements.

I recently used the update procedure of the element type api to link a high number of element types to an event group for retronotification.

The names of the api’s involved are Pay_element_types_api and Pay_input_value_api.

Posted by Thierry Vergult on 07/14 at 02:59 AM
  1. Hi Thierry,

    I have requirement to migrate elements and input values from one instance to another. I tried the above mentioned api without any error.

    How about the input values api, did u face any error or problem, bcox oracle says they do not support these api’.

    Can u please reply about ur experience in using input values was it smooth.

    Many Thanks

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  07/23  at  06:21 AM
  2. The general rule is that packages ending on _API are public and supported api’s.

    On metalink you can find a list of supported api’s, not always maintained however after each family pack (note 121964.1).

    I talked with development months ago on this, and their point of view was clear: those api’s are there to be used on the project.

    I used them in a few cases, without any known side effects.

    Posted by Thierry Vergult  on  07/23  at  04:42 PM

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