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How to clear the Oracle Jinitiator Cache

This post talks about Jinitiator cache and the need to clear it on a periodic basis.

Today I was reminded about the necessity to clear your Jinitiator cache on a periodic basis. I was creating a worksheet in Oracle PSB and having selected the option to “Budget by Position”, when I tried to specify the data extract in the next field I received a rather bizarre error message - field does not understand operation. A quick check on Metalink revealed doc id. 248973.999 which suggested that I clear the Jinitiator cache. I checked the cache folder and found that it had a about 45MB worth of files - obviously it hadn’t been cleared in some time!!

My understanding of the Jinitiator cache is that it’s pretty much like the windows temp directory in that it needs to be cleared periodically. I thought it would be useful to highlight how to clear the cache files as well as remind users that this activity should be performed on a periodic basis as it may lead to obscure errors. I’ve also created a new category for Jinitiator for future posts specifically related to Jinitiator.

The first way to clear the Jinitiator cache is to simply delete all the files found in the cache directory. The cache directory is normally found on c:\program files\oracle\jinitiator 1.x.x\jcache. The second alternative is via the control panel, the steps are as follows: -

  1. Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
  2. Double click on ‘JInitiator 1.x.x’
  3. Select Cache TAB from ‘JInitiator Control Panel’
  4. Click the Clear JAR Cache Button.

For an overview, setup and troubleshooting guide to Jinitiator for Oracle’s E-Business Suite 11.5.x (11i) refer to Metalink note 162488.1

For an overview, setup and troubleshooting guide to Jinitiator for Oracle’s E-Business Suite 10.7NCA and 11.0.x refer to Metalink note 206485.1

Posted by Richard Byrom on 06/29 at 01:25 AM
  1. Thank you for this entry—it solved my problem. After a refresh of our test instance, concurrent programs that took paramters were kicking some (but not all) users out of the database. Clearing the Jinitiator cache fixed it.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/12  at  11:21 PM

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