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Oracle 11i E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers

I’ve recently written a couple of posts on the new certification track for Oracle Applications that has just been released. I’ve ordered the Oracle 11i e-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers Self-Study CD Course which is designed for the first exam (Exam #1Z0-200) in the Financials certification track. The course consists of two CD-ROM’s produced by Thomson Netg and wanted to let you know my first impressions of the course material.

I have to say that I’m quite impressed with the training material. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other material of a similar nature (from an Oracle perspective) to compare it with. However, I’ve found it to be a very good introduction to the high level concepts relating to implementation. In particular, although I’ve been implementing Oracle E-Business Suite for about 5 years now I’ve pretty much stuck to the functional side of things and I found that this provides you with a good understanding of the technical architecture and concepts. Course Topics are as follows:

Oracle 11i e-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers Part 1

Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials Part1

Oracle 11i Architecture

  • Business and Technical Architecture

Shared Entities and Integration Points

  • Shared Entities and Suite Products

Multi-Org Fundamentals

  • Multi-Org: Introduction
  • Multi-Org: Application

Oracle 11i System Administration

  • Application Security Overview
  • Defining Users
  • Creating Responsibilities
  • Menus and Forms

Oracle 11i e-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers Part 2

Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials Part 2

Flexfields Fundamentals

  • Flexfields: Concepts
  • Value Sets
  • Key Flexfields
  • Descriptive Flexfields

Workflow Fundamentals

  • Workflow: Introduction
  • Workflow: Components
  • Workflow: Business Event System

Alerts Fundamentals

  • Alerts: Introduction

At the end of each course topic there are self assessment questions which are helpful in determining whether you’ve learnt enough to be ready for the exam. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this CD based learning to anyone who wants to learn more about Oracle Financials. If you would like to ask me any further questions about the content please add your comments. BTW, I’m not prepared to burn copies of the CD for anyone so please don’t ask!!

Posted by Richard Byrom on 07/14 at 09:14 PM
  1. Thanks Michael, looks like I can save a lot of money by joining this organisation. I’ll be signing up for it right away.

    Posted by Richard Byrom  on  07/15  at  06:30 AM
  2. The material wil be different to the Oracle University Student Guide as far as I’m aware. I think the exam is still in Beta.

    Posted by Richard Byrom  on  07/18  at  06:23 PM
  3. Hi Richard,

    I read your post about the contents of the Oracle 11i E-Business Suite Essentials.

    I took the beta exam a few days back, and apart from what you’ve listed, I also found that there were a number of questions on Oracle Daily Business Intelligence too ! The number of questions were about 150, which were distributed among System Administration, Alerts, Workflows, Flexfields, Multi-Org concepts and Daily Business Intelligence (DBI). Atleast 10% of the questions pertained to DBI.

    Can we have further info from others, if someone else has also taken this exam ?

    Rakesh Tripathi.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  07/19  at  07:06 PM
  4. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the posting on 11i EBIS certifications. Can i have more about the content of the CD and what is the best method to approach this exam. This is still in beta version , any idea as to when the actual exam will be rolled out.

    Also need info on ACM Membership

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  07/25  at  11:57 AM
  5. Dear Sivakumar,
      You can see the post by Michael Siebert. His suggestion is very good. I have register ACM membership few days ago.

    Membership Qualifications
    You must satisfy one of the qualifications below:
    1. Bachelor’s Degree (in any subject area); or
    2. Equivalent Level of Education; or
    3. Two years full-time employment in the IT field.

    To register online, pls visit

    You can paid by credit card, the membership can valid instandly. You can access NetG courses by open a web account by only few steps.

    Below are NetG courses offered by ACM which are related to Oracle e-Business Suite:

    Courses available online:
    1. Navigating Oracle Applications 11i
    2. Oracle 11i Procure-to-Pay Fundamentals Curriculum
    3. Oracle 11i e-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers Curriculum
    4. Oracle 11i10 Order to Cash Curriculum
    5. Oracle 11i10 System Administrator Curriculum
    6. Oracle 11i: 2.6 Workflow Fundamentals Curriculum
    7.Oracle Workflow 11i10 Curriculum
    8.Oracle e-Business 11i System Administration Curriculum

    Jacky Wong

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  07/29  at  11:10 AM
  6. Mr.Richard,
    Can u tell me the suitabilty of this course for Manufacturing peoples?


    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  08/14  at  01:31 PM
  7. Hi,

    Just a word of caution. The NetG Ceebs should be used for an overview. For the E-Biz Suite exam it does not cover the DBI area and infact SkillSoft Ceebs map to the cso of the exam better.

    Having cleared the GL exam in version 11 and having seen the NetG ceebs GL fundamentals I believe they are woefully inadequate from the point of view of the Cert Exam.

    The Ceebs are good for a novice to get a feel and understanding of APPS.

    The best bet to pass the exam is to prepare from the User Guides strictly the content specified for each exam.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  08/28  at  01:13 AM
  8. Manikandan, this course is suitable for Manufacturing people since it is one of the pre-requisites for the Supply Chain Certification.

    Posted by Richard Byrom  on  10/14  at  07:07 AM
  9. Hi Richard,

      I was looking at the Oracle Knowledge Center and they do have a good course for Oracle 11i e-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers. I would like to know if you would recommend this.  Also I see that people talking about User Guide for this Certification would you have an idea if this is available on the local market / book stores ? If so could you please let me know the author of the book.

      I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but here it goes – After getting Certified as a “ Oracle 11i Financials Certified Professional Consultant” either in payables or receivables, What would be your view on the job market for some one like me who has been closely associated in selling oracle products but no actual implementation knowledge?

    Thank you

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/08  at  09:56 PM
  10. Hello,

    I wish to give the Oracle Certification Exam for Apps 11i for GL/AP/AR for the papers 1Z0-200, 1Z0-211, 1Z0-212 & 1Z0-213.

    Can anyone please let me know the following:
    1) From where could I get the Oracle University Student Guide
    2) From where can I get the Oracle 11i e-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers Self-Study CD Course ?
    3) What are the price for the Student Guide and the CDs?

    Can anyone pls direct me which one of the above two(Student Guide or CD) is best suited for the exam?

    Your inputs will help me to a great extent.


    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/27  at  11:02 AM
  11. All the above information is available at -

    Oracle 11i e-Business Suite Essentials - Has an Instructor Led Class which helps when you take the class you are also give very good material which is mapped to the certification.

    The price of the CDs vary in dependence of the regions you want it. Oracle does have user guides available at -


    but this can be used a s guidance .. and are very much in detailed for a new user. (This is my opinion)

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/29  at  08:53 PM
  12. Any experience with the On-line version of 11i e-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers offered by Oracle via the Partners Network?  I have started the course an am running into issue with the course.  If I pause or rewind - my real player gets hung rebuffering or communicating.  I have verified that I have the latest version of real player.  Wondering if anyone else has had this issue and been able to resolve?

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  01/18  at  02:31 AM
  13. I have used several courses ...

    All of them have the same problem ...

    Sometimes even the browsers don’t simply work ...

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  01/23  at  07:18 PM

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