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Blog Links - Google Photos & Spreadsheets, EBS testing with Winrunner, Hyperion selects Callidus

Google begins to takes on Microsoft Office and looks like it might be ready to take on Flickr as well with the release of Google Spreadsheets and potential release of Google Photos. Top IT industry people lists (consultants and CTO’s/CIO’s) and the ERP software graveyard. Oracle looks like it’s going to have a good quarter, they’re also setting up a solution centre for SAP R/3 customers. Larry Ellison selling his house? Steven Chan talks about using Mercury WinRunner to create automated regression tests for each 11.5.x release. A story on the use of SAP at F1 company McLaren Mercedes. Lastly, Hyperion selects Callidus’ On-Demand solution to reduce operations costs and IT infrastructure complexity, as well as increase sales performance.

Posted by Richard Byrom on 06/13 at 02:40 PM

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