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Oracle to gain control of CRM software market by Siebel purchase?

Having recently purchased Peoplesoft, Oblix and Retek it seems that Oracle has now set it’s sites on a new software company, namely Siebel.

A recent article by suggests that Siebel may be the target of a potential take over by Oracle for an estimated amount of US$5 Billion. If this is true, Oracle would stand to take control of the CRM software market and strengthen it’s overall position in the ERP market against it’s fiercest competitor, SAP. By taking over Peoplesoft, Oracle has effectively increased it’s market share in the CRM software sector from 5 to 10%. If they manage to successfully purchase Siebel their market share in the CRM software sector would theoretically grow to 35% compared to SAP’s 15%.

I think taking over Siebel would be an excellent move by Oracle and I’m going to keep a watchful eye on development’s in this area. If the buy out does go ahead, hopefully it won’t be a long and protracted process, although I’m sure merging the various software components into the Oracle E-Business Suite will!!

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Posted by Richard Byrom on 05/03 at 07:26 PM
  1. I am the CEO of an extremely fast growing software company named Darwin Productions.  Our leading edge design team has now released a relatively new and extremely powerful CRM / ERP tool that truly puts every other ERP software package on the market to shame.  Including and especially Siebel.  So my answer to the posed question will of course be no.
    Our proven (what we call) “GBM” Global Business Management software goes further than any ERP system on the market today and integrates absolutely every part of business; even including complete eCommerce system integration – No server or information separation needed.  As you all know whenever two systems meet, you tend to experience a pile up of work or cost in some way.  We have developed a truly affordable tool that rarely needs custom integration and can easily facilitate every need of multinational businesses and even scale down to a 1 person operation.  I need not say it but I will our application is truly revolutionary. 
    If you are curious, feel free to visit: or
    Evolution (our software) completely integrates:
    Project management, appointment management, eCommerce customer management, inventory management, warehouse and shipping management, document management, email, accounting suppliers, office security, network backup redundancies, Human Resources and other areas that right now are simply slipping my mind.  I would love to hear your thoughts; feel free to email me.

    Posted by Damian Spaulding  on  07/09  at  01:03 PM

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