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Metalink announces new Electronic Product Delivery (EPD) System for Oracle Products and Updates

Metalink has recently announced the Electronic Product Delivery (EPD) System for Oracle Products and Updates. In the past, orders for Oracle Software and Updates had to made by requesting a media shipment using a TAR or the phone. This post discusses how you can now obtain this software on demand - no more waiting for those CD’s to arrive in the post!!

The Electronic Product Delivery (EPD) system can be accessed by clicking on the Patches & Updates button (formerly just a patches button) on Metalink. After clicking on the Patches and Updates button you should click on the e-delivery link as highlighted in red on Figure 1 below: -

Click to see a full image of how to gain access to Oracle's new edelivery site

Figure 1: Accessing Updates and Patches Button via Metalink

Having access the e-delivery site, downloading the software can be performed in three simple steps below as outlined on the e-delivery site: -

  1. Complete an Export Validation. This is a short process that will require you to enter a minimal amount of information (name, company, email address, and country)
  2. Once you complete the export validation you will need to specify the product pack and platform that you want to download
  3. After selecting a product pack, you will be able to download individual zip files. Once you download all the zip files for a given product, you will be able to continue with installation of your Oracle product(s)

Via e-delivery you can download the following product packs for a variety of platforms: -

  • E-Business Suite
  • Financial Services Applications
  • iLearning Applications
  • On Demand
  • Oracle Application Server Products
  • Oracle Collaboration Suite
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Development Tools
  • Oracle RDB
  • Pharmaceutical Applications

The diagram below (Figure 2) shows step two of this process and highights the three stages that you go through to download your Oracle Software.

An illustration of how to download Oracle Software Products and Updates via Metalink

Figure 2: Downloading Oracle Software and Updates Online

I think this is a great new feature which will be especially helpful to those who have broadband access as the files are obviously quite large in size.

Posted by Richard Byrom on 04/18 at 07:08 PM

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