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I recently came across an interesting survey conducted by Morgan Stanley and the OAUG which although rather old provides some food for thought.

This survey was conducted in 2002 and according to Morgan Stanley the stated purpose was "to get empirical data from the source instead of listening to the pundits pontificate."

It discusses upgrades to 11i and customers buying plans. It also rates Oracle Applications based on the following attributes: -

  • Ease of administration for IT
  • Ease of administration for end user
  • Efficiency of design
  • Speed/Performance
  • Internet Architecture Compliance
  • Ease of Integration with other apps
  • Data Model
  • Openness
  • Breadth of Functionality

The attribute with the highest score in the survey was "Breadth of Functionality" whilst the lowest scoring attribute was "Ease of Administration for IT". I wonder what these attributes would score today? Certainly I think that the ease of administration for IT and end users has improved. However, I’m not sure whether there’s been much progress in the efficiency of the design and speed/performance? Presently, I think E-Business Suite (eBS) would still rate highly in "Breadth of Functionality" and will continue to do so now that Peoplesoft and J.D. Edwards have been acquired.

The summary of the survey states: -

Oracle users are happier with the core product and plan to upgrade to more Oracle Applications. On the flip side, they are not pleased with Support and want Oracle to be more customer centric. They are generally betting on Oracle Applications as a one stop shopping standard, see value in the integration message and have bought very few third party applications.

If anyone knows of any other interesting Oracle related survey’s please add your comments to this post.

Posted by Richard Byrom on 03/16 at 06:28 AM

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