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Some improvements have recently been introduced to this site which should hopefully ensure a richer blogging experience for 2005 - I’ve just moved my site to a new IPP and also upgraded to ExpressionEngine v1.2.1. Here’s the details…..

pMachine Hosting - my new IPP

Towards the end of last year I encountered a problem with my website which was causing it to crash every couple of days. Basically, my existing Internet Presence Provider (IPP) couldn’t handle the amount of traffic I was generating. I decided, therefore, to move my site to a new host, namely pMachine Hosting (who incidentally are the providers of the ExpressionEngine blogging software I use for this site). It seems to have been the right move because I haven’t experienced any crashes to date and the site seems to be running a bit faster.

ExpressionEngine v1.2.1

This was released on the 15th of January 2005 and I’ve just upgraded this site to it. According to the ExpressionEngine site some of the new features are: -

  • A stand-alone version of the “publish” form, so weblog entries can be submitted from any page
  • An improved plugin manager. Plugins can now be browsed and installed directly from your control panel
  • URL mapping for people who migrated from pMachine Pro, allowing pM style links to point to their new EE location
  • Redesigned template installer which allows new template designs to be incorporated more easily
Check out the change log for a detailed list of the changes.
Posted by Richard Byrom on 01/19 at 01:16 PM
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