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Thursday, February 09, 2006

ACE Project Issue Tracking Software

On an implementation I’m involved in right now we’re using ACE project as an issue tracker. On most implementations I’ve been on before issues, bugs and problems that weren’t tracked or recorded on the official Project Plan were monitored via a spreadsheet. ACE has enabled us to effectively monitor issues and updates, prioritise them and track their progress via e-mail notifications and various statistics the tool generates. I highly recommend it.

According to the ACE site:

AceProject is the next generation of high-level  project management software solutions for today’s corporations. Improve your organization’s productivity. Get projects done more quickly and intelligently.

From collaboration software to an online planning tool, AceProject lets you manage all kinds of projects within your organization. Use AceProject to plan all stages of software development, implement construction and engineering projects, revamp your web site…your ideas are as good as ours!

AceProject’s useful timesheet module, project calendar and email notification keep both your employees and project managers informed. Moreover, with its Gantt chart, numerous reports and comprehensive statistics, AceProject gives you the big picture on project advancement.

I’m interested to know what other issue tracking tools and software people may be using.