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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Batch Invoice Uploads into Oracle Payables

MS Excel to load invoice batches to Oracle Payables! Even Oracle ADI doesn’t do that, in fact few 3rd-party products do. What to do? Do as Kevin Ellis has done, develop your own in-house invoice batch interface. And if that isn’t enough to pique your interest, how about an interface for keeping your chart of accounts current between production legacy and Oracle systems? He has done that too and he has shared all in this comprehensive ORAtips cover story, discussing custom concurrent program and UNIX shell script development, Oracle Applications set-up and end-user considerations.

Download White Paper on Invoice Uploads into Oracle Payables

This article was originally published by Klee Associates, Inc., publishers of JDEtips and SAPtips. For training, consulting, and articles on JD Edwards or SAP, please visit their websites: and

Friday, October 07, 2005

OraTips releases first Oracle Tips Journal

ORAtips, who empower Oracle clients to optimize the value received from their current software investment, have just released the first issue of their Oracle Tips Journal.

According to the site the Oracle Tips Journal is their flagship service, which will be read by CIOs to IT staff to Business end-users. The Oracle Tips journal will be a paid subscription and is apparently going to be produced on a quarterly basis. However, the first issue is free so sign up at the site and read the first edition. I have to admit it’s a pretty impressive publication as it caters for Oracle Applications as well as the Developer and Database community. Some of the featured articles and white papers are as follows:


  • 11i Inventory’s Cost Cutoff Date – Defer Costing Until Your Standard Costs Have Been Updated, by Eric Guether
  • Do You Have an Affirmative Action Plan?, by Leigh-Anne McDonald
  • Maintaining Unique Customer Profile for Oracle CRM Implementations, by Anand Kanakagiri
  • Oracle 11i Shipping Execution –Interface Trip Stop Trouble Shooting, by Scott Ma
  • Overcoming Barriers to Supplier Collaboration, by Warren Sumner
  • Lower Your Consulting Costs – Host Your Own JAD Session, by Leigh-Anne McDonald


  • Oracle Discoverer 10g – Is It More Than a Reporting Tool?, by Debra Addeo
  • Real Time Migration of Oracle Application Set-Ups Done In-House, by Kevin Ellis


  • Battling Growth and Staying Compliant Through Oracle Application Archiving, by Sean Scott
  • Instant Cloning Under Your Control, by James H. Lui
  • Oracle Application Database Management, Part 1: Take Database Monitoring in Oracle Applications Manager to the Next Level, by Natalka Roshak
  • Implementing Oracle 10g on Windows, Part 1: Optimizing Memory Usage, by Scott Jesse
  • Instant Cloning under Your Control, by James H. Lui

Enjoy the read and if you think you have something worthwhile to contribute to their publication it looks like they’re open to taking submissions.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Oracle OpenWorld Amsterdam Presentations available for download

OpenWorld Amsterdam took place some time ago (September 2004) but I never pointed out on this blog where you can download the presentations from so here goes.

You can obtain a listing of the presentations and associated abstracts here or go straight to the downloads page. There are some really good ppt’s here for anyone with a functional or technical interest in Oracle Products and Software.

Since I’m more functionally oriented a selection of the ones I found quite interesting are: -

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Oracle Partner Feature - Project Partners, the experts in Oracle Projects

This post discusses the site of an Oracle Partner who specialises in the implementation of Oracle Projects and has some good white papers on this topic that can be downloaded.

According to the Project Partners site: -

Project Partners, LLC is a company dedicated to helping our customers achieve a competitive advantage through Enterprise Project Management. Our experience goes beyond standard Oracle Financials, Project Costing and Project Billing.

We have in-depth knowledge in Project Manufacturing, Project Management Integration, Self-Service technology, and much more. We understand the needs of your project driven business.

A summary of white papers and presentations that you can download from their site are as follows: -

Lastly, they also have a newsletter that you can subscribe to.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Oracle Applications Auditing and Security Best Practices

This post points you to a site that has some really good presentations and white papers related to auditing and securing Oracle E-Business Suite and provides some related links.

Having been an Auditor/Accountant in a former life, I always try to make certain that when implementing an ERP system I take into account security issues and also ensure that the system can be audited by both internal and external parties. Oracle has many built in auditing and security features, but in my experience, people do not make appropriate use of them because they are not aware they exist or they do not have the time or budget to implement them. Personally, I believe awareness of the capabilities of Oracle E-Business Suite is the starting point towards ensuring system security and auditability. Hence, it’s always nice to come across some information which can give you new ideas as to what approach you should take when implementing such a system.

A really good site that I have come across which has some superb white papers and related information on Oracle Applications auditing and security is Integrigy. According to their site: -

Integrigy Corporation is a leader in application security for large enterprise, mission critical applications. Our application vulnerability assessment tool, AppSentry, assists companies in securing their largest and most important applications. Integrigy Consulting offers security assessment services for leading ERP and CRM applications.

Key Oracle Applications papers and presentations on auditing and security that you can download are as follows: -

The resources section of the site is also quite good since it not only includes white papers but also security alerts, advisories and notes, analysis and tools and scripts . There is also a quarterly newsletter published which keeps you up to date with Security Issues around Oracle Applications.

Other Resources

  • Best Practices for Securing Oracle E-Business Suite – Metalink Note ID 189367.1
  • Best Practices For Securing Oracle E-Business Suite 11i For Internet Access – Metalink Note ID 229335.1
  • 11i: A Guide to Understanding and Implementing SSL for Oracle Applications – Metalink Note ID 123718.1
  • Oracle Applications 11i System Administrator’s Guide
  • Oracle Security Alerts

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