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Friday, July 08, 2005

Oracle’s Holistic Planning (One Integrated Plan Coordinates the Entire Supply Chain)

A sophisticated planning model Oracle calls Holistic Planning is now available (in the Advanced Supply Chain Planning product) to coordinate an enterprise’s entire supply chain with a single plan. A properly set up and maintained plan can lead to an enterprise drastically reducing the time spent on analyzing and reacting to multiple plans.

With the creation and release of Oracle’s Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) product the ability to plan across the extended and entire supply chain with a single plan while incorporating customer preferences and supplier capacity is now possible. Holistic planning is a term created and ‘coined’ by Oracle to explain the processes and capabilities of a single plan that can accommodate all the planning needs of the multiple and time consuming plans required by the more traditional MRP planning technique.

Utilizing a single plan holistic planning can plan the entire supply chain (both material and capacity requirements) encompass all manufacturing methods and all time periods for one or all Oracle inventory organizations. Obviously, with a well set up and coordinated holistic plan an organization can save time and money on planning analysis and maintenance and potentially increase manufacturing flexibility, velocity and competitiveness.

Oracle’s holistic planning offers resolutions to three dimensions of the planning problem that confronts all manufacturing

  • Multiple Manufacturing Methods: A single plan can coordinate all manufacturing methods (Project [Contract], Flow, Process, Repetitive or Discrete.)
  • Include the entire supply chain: A single plan can coordinate an enterprise’s end-to-end supply chain from the customers through the manufacturing and distribution organizations within the enterprise, and include the suppliers as well.
  • Comprise the entire planning horizon: A single plan can coordinate the appropriate level of detail at each point in the horizon. A planning set up for the immediate future could be planned in days, the near future could be planned in weeks, and the long-term could be planned in monthly periods.

Friday, September 10, 2004

New Advanced Planning and Scheduling, Supply Chain and Demand Planning Author

This post contains details of a new author that has joined OracleAppsBlog who will be contributing in the areas of Advanced Planning and Scheduling, Supply Chain and Demand Planning

Randy Jaye, an Independant Consultant, has just become an author for OracleAppsBlog. Randy has over 20 years of experience working in the Manufacturing and Distribution sectors for numerous corporations throughout the United States of America. He holds the Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) certification from The Educational Society for Resource Management (APICS), and holds a Masters and Bachelors degree from The California State University. He has spent the last 7 years working with Oracle Applications as a functional consultant (one year working directly for Oracle Corporation as a consultant assigned to several implementation projects and testing new functionality in the Development Department at Oracle’s Headquarters.) He specializes in all Oracle Application’s core Manufacturing modules and the Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Suite. Presently, he is busy researching and writing several articles relating to Advanced Planning and Scheduling, and Global Supply Chain and Demand Planning. He is an experienced practitioner in the field of ERP systems implementations and looks forward to sharing articles, documentation and lessons learned with all the OracleAppsBlog members.

I wanted to welcome Randy to the Blog and introduce him to all the other members, he is highly experienced and I’m sure his contributions will be very useful to readers. You can read Randy’s membership profile here or if you’re a member you can e-mail Randy via the profile e-mail console.