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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Contractors - LinkedIn and Oracle Community Groups

Join Contractors on the Oracle LinkedIn and Community Groups I recently created an Oracle Contractors Group on LinkedIn as well as on the Oracle Community. The purpose of these groups is to create a network for contractors to talk to each other as well as discuss and refer work opportunities. If you’re interested in joining sign up to the LinkedIn group and I’ll approve your membership. To join the Oracle Community Contractors Group simply sign up to the community and add yourself to the group.  

Oracle Community - the Social Network for Oracle People

Recently I joined the Oracle Community Social Networking site. It’s the brainchild of Eddie Awad and uses the Ning Platform. The site offers the following features and tools: -

  • Blogging
  • Chat
  • Forums
  • Gadgets
  • Groups
  • Photos
  • Videos

Certainly there are plenty of Oracle blogs and forums around as well as social networks. What I like about this site is all of these services are offered together in one place and are integrated with each other. They’re all also totally focused on one thing - Oracle. Pay the site a visit and if you like what you see sign up and connect with myself and all the other Oracle Users within the network.