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Monday, March 28, 2005

Oracle AIM Pricing

I received an e-mail the other day asking how much it would cost to purchase Oracle AIM. This post contains information on the pricing of this product.

Oracle’s Application Implementation Methodology (AIM) is their methodology for the implementation of it’s e-Business Suite (eBS). According to Oracle: -

AIM Advantage is a time-tested implementation approach and toolkit for planning, executing and controlling the implementation of your Oracle E-Business Suite. It is the only implementation method specifically built for Oracle Applications, and has been used in thousands of successful implementations by Oracle Consulting, Oracle’s select implementation partners, and customers.

I’ve used this methodology on all of the Oracle Applications implementations I have been involved in and have found it to be a very useful tool. The methodology helps you plan and document an implementation at all stages of the lifecycle. Information on the pricing can be found by performing a search for "AIM" at the Oracle Store. Here you will find two options: -

  1. AIM Advantage without Supplement Option - Packaged Method Named User (US$2,200)
  2. AIM Advantage with Supplement Option - Packaged Method Named User (US$2,530)

Both of these options provide you with the aim CD-ROM and documentation whilst according to the Store, with the supplement option:

Oracle will provide access to AIM Advantage 3.0 supplements made generally available to commercial customers for a period of twelve months from the effective date of purchase. Supplements may include new deliverable templates and point releases of AIM Advantage (e.g. version 3.0 to version 3.1), but will not include new major releases (e.g. version 3.0 to version 4.0); major releases are licensed separately.

As the pricing is based on a named user, an organisations implementation cost would be directly related to the number of users that would make use of the software. To continue receiving annual updates via the supplementary option the cost would be 15% of the current list price of AIM.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oracle Software Prices

What is the official list price of all Oracle products?

Oracle posts the list price on their site. Next to the database, application server and tools, you find the price metrics for all the e-Business Suite modules.

For HRMS, these are the prices per person:

  • Human Resources: US$50
  • Self-Service Human Resources: US$35
  • Advanced Benefits: US$40
  • iRecruitment: US$50
  • Payroll: US$60
  • Time and Labor: US$35
  • HR Intelligence: US$25

I wonder what the definition of ‘a person’ is in case of iRecruitment. Is it an applicant, is it an employee? And do you need licenses for all contacts of an employee when licensing core HR?