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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Introduction to Project Mendocino

Last night I read an interesting article in the SAPInsider Magazine which described what’s happening with Project Mendocino.

SAP Insider is the premiere source of information on product and service initiatives coming from SAP and its partners. The magazine provides SAP customers with strategic direction and practical advice to make the most of their investment in SAP technology.

The article by Dennis Moore – General Manager, Emerging Solutions PTU, SAP Labs, LLC is entitled SAP as Easy as Opening E-mail? Introducing Project Mendocino 

It describes how Project Mendocino links mySAP ERP business functions to Microsoft Office Applications and how Desktop applications will trigger transactions in the ERP system.

The paper states that in its first release, Project Mendocino will support four common business scenarios:

1. Time and Billable meetings management – Transferring information from an electronic personal calendar to a company timesheet or accounting form is one of the most cumbersome tasks. With Project Mendocino’s Time Management Capability, information collected in Outlook Calendar can be directly fed into mySAP ERP.

2. Budget Monitoring – Tracking budgets and acting upon changes in status is one of the most powerful features for managers in Project Mendocino. Users can configure Outlook using Project Mendocino to alert them of financial conditions affecting a budget, but instead of getting a text e-mail with a link to another system, the user can get the context they need and access to the actual business processes that will enable them to act upon the alert in the e-mail itself.

3. Team and Organization Management Processes – Team Management, although not a replacement for SAP Manager Self-Service, will make many common HR tasks possible via Microsoft Outlook. Users can use Outlook contacts to retrieve up to date information about employees, open positions and organizational structures.

4. Leave Management Requests – Planning time off from work usually requires users to jump from one calendar to another, creating a paper chain that can leave calendars out of sync. With Project Mendocino’s Leave Management Capability, users can user their Outlook Calendar to schedule leave requests and the approval workflow can all be contained in Exchange.

Oracle Workflow Overview

I came across a rather nice Oracle workflow overview recently.

It states how Oracle Workflow delivers a complete workflow management system that supports business process based integration.  Its technology enables modeling, automation, and continuous improvement of business processes, routing information of any type according to user-defined business rules. The following aspects of workflow are discussed:

  • Oracle Workflow Enabling E-Business Integration
  • Designing Business Processes for Change
  • Business Process Based Integration
  • Accurate Information to All the Right People
  • Web Administration and Review of Business Processes
  • Reduced Costs of Change and Ownership With Workflow Processing

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Subscribe to IT, Business and Engineering Trade Publications and Magazines for FREE

TradePub offers you free subscriptions and dowloads to a number of computer, business and engineering trade publications, magazines and documents.

Of course, this only really applies to the US. However, the Geography section of their site indicates which subscriptions are available internationally.

A quick Oracle search reveals the following magazines and white papers are available:

  • DM Review
  • Database Trends and Applications
  • Oracle – Strategies for SOA Success
  • Oracle Magazine
  • Informatica - Putting Metadata to Work to Achieve the Goals of Data Governance
  • Informatica - Implementing or Upgrading SAP? Don’t Forget the Data
  • Informatica - A Strategic Foundation to Maximizing the Value of Enterprise Data
  • Informatica - Data Migration Solution Brief
  • Informatica - Addressing Data Quality at the Enterprise Level: Six Questions to Ensure Enterprise High-Quality Data
  • Informatica - Enterprise Data Integration in Financial Services: Leveraging the Value of Your Data Assets

TradePub also has a blog which keeps you up to date with any new publications and white papers being released. 

Don’t forget you can also subscribe to Oracle Profit Magazine (a less technically oriented Oracle magazine) for free internationally!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More Oracle Execs doing the blogging thing

The list now looks as follows:

  1. Jesper Andersen – Senior Vice President of Application Strategy, where he is responsible for the overall product strategy and direction for Oracle’s business applications.
  2. John Hall – Senior VP of Oracle University, the education and training division of Oracle.
  3. Luiz Meisler – Senior Vice President for Oracle Latin America and serves on Oracle’s Executive Management Committee.
  4. Wim Coekaerts – Principal Member of Technical Staff, Linux Kernel Group, Corporate Architecture for Oracle Corporation.
  5. Lenley Hensarling – Vice president and General Manager for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product line.
  6. Scott Rae – VP of Business Assessment and Audit at Oracle, where he is responsible for global internal audit and business assessment services.
  7. Don Deutsch – Vice President of Standards Strategy and Architecture for Oracle Corporation.
  8. Christophe Job – Vice President of Application Development Tools at Oracle Corporation.
  9. John Schiff – Vice President and General Manager of JD Edwards World for Oracle
  10. Sergio Giacoletto – Executive Vice President of Oracle Corporation, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and serves as a member of Oracle’s Executive Management Committee.
  11. Doug Kennedy – Vice President of Global Alliances and Channels at Oracle Corporation.
  12. John Wookey – Senior Vice president of Applications Development, responsible for the strategic direction and development of JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and Oracle business applications.

Nice to see some JD Edwards contributions in the mix and that Oracle finally caught up with SAP in this area.

It’s a feature - a new Oracle Applications Blog

I’ve come across a few new Oracle and Peoplesoft blogs recently, check out SmartDB Blog, Extra Hot, The Oracle Fusion Blog, Peoplesoft Corner and CRM Blog

In particular I wanted to mention It’s a Feature, another Oracle Apps Blog, which has some good content and is updated regularly.

Marian Crkon write’s in the About Us section of the blog as follows:

It’s not a bug - it’s a feature!

This is a new web log about implementing and using Oracle ERP Applications. It’s a Feature! is here to provide an alternative platform for independent, in-depth reviews and analysis of current Oracle Applications releases and features; an opportunity to share knowledge and resources, voice opinions and show a little attitude! Where else can you do that?

I plan to seek out a diverse group of Oracle professionals - users, consultants, managers, business analysts with a lot of Oracle expertise and something interesting to say who are passionate about the applications and motivated to share their experiences.

I want this site to be about the functionality (not just technology) of Oracle Applications. The clients keep reminding me they do not care about how it’s done, but rather that it is done right. I want this blog to be useful to other people in the Oracle community. I want to provide a productive feedback to Oracle program managers and developers who design the applications. I want to give a “second opinion” for clients who buy them, a sounding board for consultants and business analysts who implement them, and last but not least, a valuable resource for users who use them every day. I promise no sales pitches, no bragging, no censorship, only practical advice.

A couple of recent entries from the blog:

  1.’s Survey of SAP Customers
  2. Oracle Applications Day Continues in Select Cities
  3. OAUG Releases Skills Marketplace
  4. CIO Article About Fusion and SOA
  5. Oracle To Lay Off About 2,000 Employees
  6. Oracle Has Its Eyes on Open Source Competitors
  7. Are You Eligible for Oracle Fusion Upgrade?
  8. Conversations with iExpenses Users from Avenue A | Razorfish
  9. Do Not Forward Oracle Notifications from Outlook!
  10. Oracle Applications Security Is Changing in Project Fusion

Marian is interviewing me over Skype next Tuesday and I’m sure the notes from that conversation will be posted on this blog.

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