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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oracle Indonesia - Executive Circle Blog

I discovered another new Oracle Blog the other day which you should add to your list of feeds.

The Oracle Indonesia - Executive Circle Blog discusses how Oracle will help the Indonesian business communities both in private and public sectors, as well as business leaders and government officials to grow their business, adapt to changing needs, deliver better business insights, minimise the cost of managing information, delight your customer/citizen and provide superior ownership experience

I’m not to sure who the author is but most of the posts seem to be by the Managing Director’s Office so I guess they’re by the MD himself. There is a disclaimer on the blog stating that the opinions on the blog are those of the author and not of Oracle.

A look at some of the posts to date:

Friday, October 07, 2005

OraTips releases first Oracle Tips Journal

ORAtips, who empower Oracle clients to optimize the value received from their current software investment, have just released the first issue of their Oracle Tips Journal.

According to the site the Oracle Tips Journal is their flagship service, which will be read by CIOs to IT staff to Business end-users. The Oracle Tips journal will be a paid subscription and is apparently going to be produced on a quarterly basis. However, the first issue is free so sign up at the site and read the first edition. I have to admit it’s a pretty impressive publication as it caters for Oracle Applications as well as the Developer and Database community. Some of the featured articles and white papers are as follows:


  • 11i Inventory’s Cost Cutoff Date – Defer Costing Until Your Standard Costs Have Been Updated, by Eric Guether
  • Do You Have an Affirmative Action Plan?, by Leigh-Anne McDonald
  • Maintaining Unique Customer Profile for Oracle CRM Implementations, by Anand Kanakagiri
  • Oracle 11i Shipping Execution –Interface Trip Stop Trouble Shooting, by Scott Ma
  • Overcoming Barriers to Supplier Collaboration, by Warren Sumner
  • Lower Your Consulting Costs – Host Your Own JAD Session, by Leigh-Anne McDonald


  • Oracle Discoverer 10g – Is It More Than a Reporting Tool?, by Debra Addeo
  • Real Time Migration of Oracle Application Set-Ups Done In-House, by Kevin Ellis


  • Battling Growth and Staying Compliant Through Oracle Application Archiving, by Sean Scott
  • Instant Cloning Under Your Control, by James H. Lui
  • Oracle Application Database Management, Part 1: Take Database Monitoring in Oracle Applications Manager to the Next Level, by Natalka Roshak
  • Implementing Oracle 10g on Windows, Part 1: Optimizing Memory Usage, by Scott Jesse
  • Instant Cloning under Your Control, by James H. Lui

Enjoy the read and if you think you have something worthwhile to contribute to their publication it looks like they’re open to taking submissions.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Blog

I came across a really cool Oracle BI blog the other day and have been meaning to let y’all know about it so that you can add it to your list of feeds. 

According to the blog description Oracle Business Intelligence Blog, is a Blog for all things Oracle Business Intelligence. Includes musings and postings on Oracle Discoverer, OLAP, and other Oracle BI products, technologies and tools.

Blog contributors are:

Abhinav Agarwal – Product manager for Oracle Discoverer since 2002. And a whole lot of varied work experience before that.
Keith Laker – Product manager for Oracle BI Beans since 2002. Previously worked in both Oracle consultancy and support.

Last 10 posts:

  1. More on the bubble graph
  2. Making more of BI Graphs….
  3. Creative Use of the IQY Export Format
  4. Loose lips sink ships
  5. Performance improvements and SQL optimizations
  6. Larry Ellison on BI
  7. On Vendor Weirdness
  8. UIX Hack 3 - Removing the ‘type’ column from a portlet
  9. How read is a blog before you can call it a well-read blog
  10. Activity Guide to OOW BI&DW Sessions