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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Scobleizer gives OracleAppsBlog the nod

Finally, the much needed attention I crave 😊 In a post entitled OracleApps blogger coming to UK geek dinner, has fun poll Scoble said this blog is cool and voted NO in my poll to determine whether he should be elected president of the Blogosphere. Results are looking good for Rob so far 25 Yes votes (56%) and 20 No votes (44%) - very close!!

I was wondering why such a high profile blogger is using Radio Userland for his blogging software as opposed to other more widely used products like MoveableType, Wordpress or ExpressionEngine (EE) so I posed the question to Rob who subsequently replied “I used to be director of marketing for UserLand and still like Radio UserLand a lot. I just haven’t found enough of a reason to switch yet.”

I noticed that Adam Curry had mentioned on one of his sites he was intending to upgrade to Userland’s Manila and e-mailed him to ask if he was now using this software as I couldn’t see from his existing site exactly what he was using. I was really impressed to get such a fast response from such a busy man, which was:

Yes, using manila, which now supports enclosures in news items for podcasts, that’s the upgrade 😊

Pretty good stuff, but not very scalable, basically it needs to be rendered statically to be of any use, which breaks most of the cool features like macros :long:

If you’re interested in finding out what the best blogging software to use is you should try read this Blogware Choice post and analyse this associated comparison table. François Nonnenmacher’s site also has a good comparison of EE and Moveable Type. There’s a lot of blogging software out there and the most important thing is to use the software that supports your strategy whatever it may be. No use buying a Rolls Royce when you only need a Mini. I bought ExpressionEngine primarly because it was a good solution for a community oriented blog and I found it much easier to install and setup than MoveableType. The support by the EE community and pmachine has also been great.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Geek Dinner in London with Robert Scoble (blogosphere President?)

I’ll be attending the Geek Dinner in London on the 7th of June 2005 which will be hosted by Hugh Macleod and Robert Scoble (Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger).

If you’re interested in attending add your name to the attendance list put up by Lloyd Davis on this wiki. The existing list shows that there’s people coming from as far as Paris and Amsterdam!! The restaurant where this will be held is the Texas Embassy Cantina and you can find out it’s location using Google Maps. I don’t know why this restaurant was chosen as I read this review which doesn’t have good things to say about the place. If you’re interested in looking at what’s gone on historically at Geek Dinner’s then check out these flickr and technorati links. I’ve also added a variety of geek dinner links to so that they can easily be copied.

In a post entitled If the blogosphere were a nation Paul Chaney nominated Robert Scoble for blogosphere President. In the interests of democracy I’ve decided to run a poll at the end of this post to get some votes on the matter.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

furl and linking and tagging strategy for this Oracle Blog

I’ve recently moved all my links to the Social Bookmark Manager site and furl. This will enable me to manage the links more efficiently as well as share and categorise/tag them for use by readers and subscribers.

The nice thing about is that it generates an RSS feed for your links or for various tags so you can get updates on the latest links added. If you open up an account with you can easily gain access to my links and copy them as well as copy the links of other people who have used the same links or make use of the same tags/categories.

From today onwards all sites that I make reference to in my posts will be added to my page and will have links back to the relevant post on my site so I would encourage you to subscribe to my RSS feed (I’ve also added this to feed to my sidebar under my RSS feed listing). I will also be replicating my links to furl on a monthly basis so you can also subscribe to my RSS feed there.

You may also have noticed that I’ve been adding technorati tags at the bottom of my posts. This enables me to more effectively categorise my posts so that they can be searched from technorati using the various tags/keywords. At the moment I’m manually adding the tags in but very shortly I will be installing the ExpressionEngine Keywords plugin which will allow me to automate the process a whole lot more. Hopefully these changes will make for a richer blogging experience for readers and allow people to find the content they want quicker.

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Friday, May 06, 2005

ExpressionEngine Polling Module (EEPoll) installed on OracleAppsBlog

I’ve just installed the polling module for ExpressionEngine on the blog. I’d be interested in getting your votes for the most recent polls I have conducted.

On the last two posts I made I’ve asked the following questions: -

  • Have you ever used the Oracle Diagnostics Support Pack?
  • Do you think Oracle will take over Siebel?

Please go to the appropriate post and cast your vote. I’ve also added a poll to this particular post which I would appreciate readers answering. Since this is a fairly new module I would appreciate if you let me know of any bugs as well as provide some general feedback on the feature. In addition to this, if you have a particular question that you think would be worthwhile conducting a poll on then let me know.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Oracle Diagnostics Support Pack and the Applications Collection Tool (ACT)

This post contains information on a very useful feature of the Oracle E-Business Suite that allows you to perform diagnostics on your instance and the related setup.

For quite some time now I’ve been making use of the Oracle Diagnostics Support Pack when implementing and supporting Oracle E-Business Suite. I’ve found it an invaluable tool to check applications setups, compare setups between different instances/environments and diagnose specific problems with a particular module or process. In addition to this, when raising a TAR with Metalink, quite often you will find that they will require you to run some of the scripts in the Diagnostics Support Pack.  Surprisingly not many implementor’s I’ve dealt with know about this tool so hopefully I will be able to raise the awareness of it.

March 2005 saw the release of the Diagnostics Support Pack version 5.3 which contains diagnostic scripts for the following components of Oracle E-Business Suite: -

  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Applications Core Technology
    • Distribution/Supply Chain
    • Financials
    • Human Resource Management Systems
    • Manufacturing
    • Projects Suite
    • Public Sector
    • Self-Service Web Applications
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
    • CRM Applications Foundation
    • Service
    • Contracts
    • E-Commerce
    • Marketing
    • Sales

The details of how to setup the Diagnostics Support Pack can be found in Metalink note 167000.1 entitled eBusiness Suite Support - Oracle Diagnostics Support Pack Installation Guide. According to this note: -

Oracle eBusiness Support initiated an automation effort to ensure customers are successful at installing, using and upgrading Oracle eBusiness products. The goal of this program is to create tools that will increase customer problem avoidance, customer self-service and support engineer efficiency.

The diagnostic tests provided as part of this Oracle Diagnostics Support Pack gather information and perform a set of tests on that information. The results include the output of information gathered, the results of the tests and appropriate actions to take. The tests provided do not alter data or setup.

The Support Packs are updated and released every other month and include the latest updates to existing tests and all new tests that are available.

The note provides you with the URL from which you can access the diagnostics, namely http://<web-tier-host:port>/OA_HTML/jtfqalgn.htm, and contains the following sections: -

  1. Diagnostic Support Pack Overview - An overview of the diagnostic support pack and how it can help you
  2. System Requirements - System/Version requirements for the diagnostic support pack
  3. References
  4. Installation Instructions - Instructions for installing the diagnostic support pack
  5. Usage - Instructions for running tests included in the diagnostic support pack
  6. Recent New/Updated Diagnostic Tests
  7. Complete List of All Tests Contained in the Diagnostic Support Pack

Applications Collection Tool

The Applications Collection Tool (ACT) is another tool that collects detailed information about your technical environment as well as any module you specify. E-Business Suite R11 users can run this as a separate programme (see Note:293127.1)  whilst 11i users can run it from the Diagnostics Support Pack under the Applications DBA responsibility.

Other Useful Metalink Notes

  • Note:235307.1 - OSS Application Diagnostics Tools: FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide
  • Note:179661.1 - Applications Support Diagnostic Tools Catalog
  • Note:293198.1 - How To Use Support Diagnostics Tools Most Effectively
  • Note:296261.1 - How To Install And Run The Applications Collection Tool (ACT) - On-Line Trainings

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