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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Utilising the Customer Alternate Name Field

I had a problem at a client the other day where they weren’t able to capture data in to the Customers Alternate Name Field, here’s the quick and simple solution.

In order to allow data entry in to the Alternate Name field of the Customer as indicated in the diagram below, the profile option AR: Customers - Enter Alternate Fields should be set to Yes. An alternate name would most likely be used where the customer is trading using a different name to the one shown on your records. Apparently certain reports within AR will display this alternate name if you are using it.

To enable use of Alternate Names choose Yes for Profile Option AR: Customers - Enter Alternate Fields

Friday, February 04, 2005

ADI Journal Upload Problem Resolution

I received an interesting error message when trying to perform a journal upload in ADI at a client site yesterday, here’s the solution to the problem.

The error message received was “Segment is not defined, is a parent, or is disabled.”

According to Metalink Note:160622.1 the cause is as follows: -

The validation that ADI uses for client side validation cannot dynamically create a new flexfield, only the server-side validation has been designed to dynamically create valid flex code-combinations - Bug:1924015.

The simple solution to the problem is to set the Profile Option profile Flexfields: Validate on Server to Yes. It’s also important to note that Cross-validation checking is only performed if you have this option set to Yes.

Another Metalink Note 251463.1 provides the same solution for the system allowing the upload of Disabled Accounting Flexfield segments to General Ledger via ADI.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Oracle Customer Listings

One of the blog readers asked me if I knew where to find any customer listings for Oracle, this post contains the link.

According to the Oracle Customer’s Page: -

Companies of all sizes, in all industries and geographies, meet and exceed their business goals with the help of Oracle products, services solutions, and partners. Our customers speak for themselves about the benefits of simplification, standardization, automation, and innovation.

On this page you can perform a customer search by Product, Service, Solution, Industry or Technology. For each of the Customers listed you will find either a Magazine Article, Press Release, ROI Study, Success Story or Video.

I did notice quite a few customers that I know of were not on the list so if any readers know where a more comprehensive and up to date listing of customers can be found (including recent wins), please add your comments.

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