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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The HR Global Driver

The Hrms implementation guide describes a post-install step for Oracle hrms: the global driver. This driver or patch is so famous he got a name. The result of the driver is that low-level seeded data is loaded within the hrms tables.

First step is Data Installer, a java tool to select the legislations and modules you want to load. Your selection is stored within the Hr_legislation_installations table.

Next step is to run the global driver through adpatch, the standard tool to launch a Apps patch. The global driver will mainly load data for the selection made earlier.

Apply the global driver always, even if your legislation in not within the list of available legislations. In that case, the global driver will load common data, necessary for all hrms legislations.

Check some tables to verify if the data was really loaded, and watch the last_update_date. For payroll, I check in 11i the Pay_balance_dimensions table for the ZZ legislation.

One last remark, when you arrive new at an Hrms project, and you notice some surprising behavior, check if the hr global driver was successfully applied. It is not the first time that the dba ensures me he applied the global driver, but that I found out that the data was not loaded.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Oracle Applications Implementor’s Journal - an ITtoolbox blog

An Oracle Applications Implementors Journal has recently started at ITtoolbox. This post contains details of the blog.

The Oracle Applications Implementors Journal urges you to "Follow one Financial Systems Development Officer & Oracle Certified Professional with a strong background in Oracle Applications as he shares unique insights and real-life solutions to approaching business needs with Oracle". The first post is on how to perform Threat and Risk Assessment for Oracle Applications (TRA). All the best to the author who is listed as non other than "Oracle Fan".

Glad to see the blog has an RSS feed, I think I will syndicate it on this site once I figure out how to.

Oracle E-Business Suite implementation documentation

This post contains information about Oracle E-Business Suite project documentation and training materials.

Maricopa Community Colleges have implemented a College Financial System using Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.8. According to their site "The College Financial System (CFS) is the system of record for all purchasing, accounts payable, fixed assets, and accounting transactions. CFS is used by the Business Services Division, Campus Fiscal Officers, Administrative Secretaries, and Receiving Clerks to create, act upon, and review Purchase Orders, Invoices, Assets and Financial information. The annual Financial Report is derived from information in CFS. The CFS application interfaces with the BDS application, the HR application, and the Student Information System. 

The Application is Oracle E-Business Suite, version 11.5.8, with relatively minor customizations. It operates on a Compaq Tru64 Server with a Unix 5.1a Operating System on an Oracle

I came across their site and thought this documentation would certainly be useful to anyone implementing Oracle Apps. At the College Financial System site you will find Oracle the following documentation: -

  • Customization impact analysis
  • Design and Build Standards
  • Application Architecture
  • Objective, Scope and Approach
  • Testing Strategy
  • Project Training Strategy
  • End User Training Documents
  • End User Navigation Training Documents
  • End User Inquiry Documents
  • Fiscal Agent and Buyer Documents
  • Project Plans
  • Implementation Team Structure
  • You should also visit the Maricopa Technology Training Services site where there you can obtain training material for a variety of Microsoft and other software products.

    Saturday, June 19, 2004

    Oracle Applications Documentation - Training Courseware

    This post contains information about some useful Oracle Applications Training Courseware.

    The University of Northern Iowa has implemented a Modern Executive Management Financial Information System (MEMFIS) using Oracle E-Business Suite.

    According to their web site: -

    The MEMFIS Project at the University of Northern Iowa is a campus-wide initiative with the primary objective of replacing the core system of human resource, payroll, general ledger, purchasing, accounts payable, grants and contracts, projects, and budgeting. In July 2001 general ledger, purchasing, accounts payable and cash management went “live”. Additional modules are scheduled for implementation in 2004. These modules include human resources, advanced benefits, self service HR, payroll, and time collection”.

    I had a look at the site and believe that in particular their training courseware might be particularly useful for anyone implementing or learning Oracle Applications.

    Oracle Documentation for the Enterprise Accounting System (EAS)

    The George Washington University has implemented an Enterprise Accounting System (EAS) using Oracle Applications. This post contains links to the business forms, procedure documentation and training materials used in the implementation.

    The Universities implementation of an Enterprise Accounting System (EAS) has been very well documented. On this site you will find various business forms, procedure documentation and training materials which I am sure will be helpful to anyone implementing Oracle E-Business Suite.

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