A day in the life of an Oracle Applications Consultant

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Value sets and input values

The configuration for input values is enriched with value sets. Some tests revealed the power and the actual limitations on FP G.

The first value set I created was one with table validation. It worked right away. Also the value set feature to show a description, but to store an id, worked fine. Additional columns with descriptions in the value set definition, although, were not shown in the element entry screen and the BEE screen.

The element entry values API doesn’t check against the value set validation.

More complex value sets (eg: referencing each other via :$FLEX$.

) were not accepted as valid value sets within the input value screen.

Even when not all value set features are operational at the moment at input value level, this functionality is very useful to present the end user an dynamic list of values.