A day in the life of an Oracle Applications Consultant

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The HR Global Driver

The Hrms implementation guide describes a post-install step for Oracle hrms: the global driver. This driver or patch is so famous he got a name. The result of the driver is that low-level seeded data is loaded within the hrms tables.

First step is Data Installer, a java tool to select the legislations and modules you want to load. Your selection is stored within the Hr_legislation_installations table.

Next step is to run the global driver through adpatch, the standard tool to launch a Apps patch. The global driver will mainly load data for the selection made earlier.

Apply the global driver always, even if your legislation in not within the list of available legislations. In that case, the global driver will load common data, necessary for all hrms legislations.

Check some tables to verify if the data was really loaded, and watch the last_update_date. For payroll, I check in 11i the Pay_balance_dimensions table for the ZZ legislation.

One last remark, when you arrive new at an Hrms project, and you notice some surprising behavior, check if the hr global driver was successfully applied. It is not the first time that the dba ensures me he applied the global driver, but that I found out that the data was not loaded.