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Friday, June 24, 2005

San Diego Oracle User Group has an RSS feed!

This is the first Oracle User Group I’ve seen that has implemented RSS (apart from some of the OAUG SIG’s that run blogs - see my blogroll). Most of the Oracle User Group site’s I’ve come across don’t have this feature which means that to find out if the site has been updated you have to actually visit it - something you don’t really want to do if you’re tracking hundreds of sites a day. Hopefully other User Groups will follow suit. To me, the very fact that that the SDOUG has implemented RSS also means that they are intending to update their site frequently.

Anyone know of any other User Groups that have RSS support?

Incidentally, I’m building up a listing of User Groups in my Link Blog so all you have to do is bookmark that URL or subscribe to the RSS feed for the URL in question and each and every time I add a User Group to the list you will be notified.