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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Metalink announces the replacement of it’s Top Tech Docs feature

Metalink has recently announced it will be replacing it’s Top Tech Docs feature with the “Knowledge Browser”. This post takes a look at what the Knowledge Browser does and provides links to related downloads.

Recently, Metalink announced the replacement of it’s Top Tech Docs feature with the “Knowledge Browser.” According to Metalink, “the Knowledge Browser offers improved navigation, organization, and structure for the MetaLink knowledge base by:

  • Improving the Top Tech Docs index and navigation to Browser Product Pages
  • Organizing Browser Product Pages by popular categories
  • Providing Search and Filter options in product areas to further refine result lists
  • Providing capability of ordering article lists by last updated date, document type, minimum version, usage score, and other items”.
  • Links to related Downloads

    Knowledge Browser Powerpoint Presentation
    Knowledge Browser Voice Presentation

    The old Metalink interface for Top Tech Docs

    Screen Shot of the old Metalink interface

    The new Metalink Knowledge Browser

    Screen Shot of the new Metalink interface