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Friday, June 24, 2005

Join the OracleAppsBlog mailing list - powered by Bloglet

I’ve recently signed up for a service which will send reader’s an e-mail notifying them of any updates to my site. At the moment I have a mailing list but it is in no way automated i.e. I have to manually send everyone in my mailing list a notification of any updates to the blog. You will notice that on the left hand pane of the blog under Join our mailing list there is now a new Bloglet form. If you’re interested in receiving e-mail notifications of updates to this site then add your e-mail address in to the bloglet form. This service is ideal for persons who don’t necessarily read my site using an RSS feed reader.

Please note, if you had added yourself to the previous mailing list, you will have to resubscribe. Existing members will also have to sign up for the service as well.

Once you have signed up for Bloglet, not only will you receive an e-mail notification of updates to my site, you can also add other sites that have RSS feeds to your Bloglet subscription as well. Should you wish to remove an RSS feed from your daily Bloglet e-mail digest simply sign in to your Bloglet account and remove the feed URL.

I’m also regularly updating my Link Blog with interesting and useful sites I come across so you may also find it worthwhile adding it’s RSS feed to your Bloglet e-mail RSS subscription list.