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Friday, June 25, 2004

Is your pricing data secure?

This post contains information about the new pricing security feature available in Release 11.5.9

For a long time, the pricing user community had been waiting for this functionality. Unlike all the financials modules, it was not possible to partition pricing data by operating unit. This was a serious issue in a multi-org environment. A sales order supported multi-org functionality but a price list or modifiers did not. This meant that pricing data was wide open to all the responsibilities that access price lists. There was also no function security available to make the price list ‘read only’ for a specific group of users.

A new HTML form has been introduced in Release 11.5.9 that can be configured using the Pricing Administrator responsibility (also a new responsibility in 11.5.9) to partition pricing data by responsibility, user or operating unit. It is also now possible to grant ‘read only’ access to a pricing user group (responsibility or operating unit) on a specific pricing object. This is really a powerful feature. The good news is that this security feature is available both in advanced pricing and in basic pricing. The bad news is that the new pricing security only works for the HTML interface. Moreover, the HTML interface does not show any of the descriptive flexfields defined in the pricing form. We hope that this gap will soon be taken care of by Oracle.