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Monday, June 06, 2005

Is Oracle spreading itself too thin?

I came across an article by Edmon Begoli at ITtoolbox entitled Oracle is Spreading Itself Too Thin. The conclusion of the article states:

I am afraid that Oracle will find itself in a position where their market share will just shrink due to their over-reaching product line. In their core competencies they will find DB2 and open source databases catching up with them, and taking away the data base space, and in the other areas they will have hard time keeping up with a more focused competition (Novell, IBM, Microsoft, SAP).

Certainly, Oracle is going to have its hands full with Project Fusion over the next couple of years so they will to have to ensure there is a strategy in place to maintain and build their competitive advantage. What do you think? I’d be interested to hear your comments and have your votes in the poll.