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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

HR professionals within the line manager appraisal cycle

The line management appraisal functionality through self service focuses nicely on the interaction between the employee and line manager. But, in case of discussions between the employee and the line over those appraisals, targets and objectives, it would be nice that HR professionals can intermediate, and for that, at least have insight in the published material.

This can be accomplished through a sequence of standard setup: -

  1. Create a security profile that enables access to all employees, but excludes the HR professionals. This overcomes a situation where HR staff can see the appraisals of their direct peers.
  2. Create a new responsibility, based on the Line Manager Self Service responsibility, that includes the manager appraisal function.
  3. Set the profile option HR_DISPLAY_PERSON_SEARCH to Yes for the responsibility above, and link it to the security profile.

All users that have access to this new responsibility are now able to search for all employees, except the HR professionals, and to view the published appraisals.