Unable to apply Refund Activity against Credit Memo
Posted: 19 July 2008 05:44 PM
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Hi ,
I have created a Credit memo for Rs.100 /- . I want to Apply this credit meme against Refund Activity through Front end.
Navigation is Transaction Screen -> Actions -> Application .
When i select Refund Activity in the Activity Screen and Tab out Applied amount is Defaulting as -100 Rs…When i am trying to save the record it is giving me the Error message “APP-AR-295224: Only positive refund amounts are allowed”...When i changed the Amount to +ve value ( 100 Rs.) and tried to save the record it is again giving different Error “APP-AR-295232: You cannot refund more than the credit memo amount”.

Can anybody tell me what is the Problem . Why i am not able to Apply Refund Activity against “Credit Memo”.

Thanks & Regards,
Surfraz Mitegar